2018.10.05 Week2 Happy Wedding

Okay, we’re off to Denver for a wedding, I just had to tie that in there and make a reference.   On that note, I feel like week two is off to a great start. Time is the number one challenge, but it’s all good. Time goes so fast, my main man Raef just turned 17 this week.

I’m super excited to get my DMP finalized – thank you coach/guide KK! Love the fact that you are so close, just over the border. We can share storm stories, we had our first snow last night up north.

Perfect timing as we start this new season together – loving the journey!

white and pink floral freestanding letter decor
Photo by rovenimages.com on Pexels.com

4 thoughts on “2018.10.05 Week2 Happy Wedding

  1. Hi Keith,
    Hope you have fun at the wedding. 🙂
    Juggling all of this in a day/week is a challenge. Where does the time go? LOL.
    I hope you enjoy learning about who you are and what you can really create here for yourself.

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